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"The first week I started the regime the change was amazing. My energy returned, my skin glowed, the aches and pains and heat (inflammation) in my joints went away (almost all), the gastric reflux stopped. People commented on the change in me. I was amazed at how different and positive I felt. So thank you so much." Susie, Plymouth

"I can't speak highly enough of that man, he changed my life". Doreen, Worcester 


Applied Kinesiology

A Chiropractor, George Goodheart, observed in the early 1970’s that each muscle in the body is associated with an organ, gland and so on. He observed that by testing these muscles for weakness or strength, he could establish whether there was anything wrong with their associated organ, gland and so on. He then went on to discover that by isolating these weak muscles, one can establish the cause of the weakness which can then be corrected with vitamins, minerals and supplements.

Applied Kinesiology has since come a long way and is now used for the diagnosis and treatment of a multitude of things without resorting to expensive equipment or invasive and protracted laboratory tests which, after all, only compare each person to other people in order to establish what is ‘normal’; and does not take a person’s individuality into consideration.
ImageThis is the Triad or Triangle of Health which symbolises the way Applied Kinesiology views each individual and the individualised treatment/s chosen and provided for them.

This therapy provides the ultimate method of integrating conventional, Chinese and homoeopathic medicine, using the very patient as his/her own test laboratory without resorting to invasive or expensive means.
The Triad of Health forms the outline to the Yin Yang -  see Acupuncture- symbol of the emblem of Integral Health, forming the basis for ensuring that each and every patient is treated as individualistically as the genes within his/her DNA.

Please contact us for more information on applied kinesiology.

Click here to download your Integral Health Hair Test form and attach three to four strands of your hair from anywhere on the body.  We must have the root on at least one of the hairs, that is the white or black bulb on the end of the hair.   Simply Cellotape the hairs in the space provided on the Integral Health Hair Test form and send it to us at: Integral Health, Suite 215, 14 Chertsey Road, Woking, GU21 5AH along with payment of £130(retest £95) made out to 'Integral Health' or click Hair Test Payment for other methods of payment. 

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