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"The first week I started the regime the change was amazing. My energy returned, my skin glowed, the aches and pains and heat (inflammation) in my joints went away (almost all), the gastric reflux stopped. People commented on the change in me. I was amazed at how different and positive I felt. So thank you so much." Susie, Plymouth

"I can't speak highly enough of that man, he changed my life". Doreen, Worcester 



- Only 2 of the 68-72 different varieties of fungus in our gut are Candida - albicans and tropicalis.
- Any of these varieties or a combination of them could be responsible for the condition we call Candidiasis.
- Parasites could give the same symptoms as those of fungi.
- Fungus uses sugar (including fruit sugar initially) to thrive.
- The products of fermentation of fungal infections are alcohols and carbon dioxide (CO2) gas.
- The alcohols are converted in the body to a potent chemical called acetaldehyde.
- Non-smelling wind is CO2 gas and is a very good way to diagnose a fungal gut infection.
- Smelly wind is methane gas or H2S (bad eggs) which is the product of parasite or bacteria overgrowth in the gut.
- Parasites release phenol in the gut which acts on the protein gut lining causing a 'leaky gut'.
- The best treatment for a fungal overgrowth is a multi pronged approach dealing with the organism itself, the hyphae or roots embedded in the lining, the acetaldehyde within the body, as well as withholding the supply of sugar and fortifying the immune system.
- Caprylic acid, the best known 'natural' treatment for Candida is only one of a group of 18 Saturated Fatty Acids.
- Any one of these Saturated Fatty Acids or SFAs, is as good as Caprylic in fungal therapy provided it is the right for the individual.  
- The best Probiotics or friendly bacteria are our own.
- Taking Probiotics as supplements does not alter the course of the condition.
- 25 different varieties of Probiotics have been identified so far.
- Probiotics do not work singly but as a collective and seem to work best when they reach a preset ration to one another.
- As in everything else in life, this ratio is different for each individual person.
- Since Probiotics are bacteria, they divide and multiply at the same rate as other bacteria, about once every few minutes.
- By reducing the numbers of the other inhabitants of the gut and by feeding the Probiotics with certain fibre from foods (fructo-oligo-sacharides or FOS), their rate of growth will far exceed those of the others which bring the gut back into balance.
- It is imperative to identify the cause of the symptoms of the condition we call Candida - fungus, parasite, bacteria, reduced immune system, enzyme problems, food intolerance and so on - before we are able to initiate effective treatment.

An Integral Health DNA Hair Test not only can identify the epigenetic factors which possibly give rise to cause/causes of an imbalance in the body and the potential for signs and symptoms of disease; it is also able to highlight the nutrient and lifestyle recommendations specific for each unique individual, helping to ensure they are able to achieve optimum health - naturally.

Click here to download your Integral Health Hair Test form and attach three to four strands of your hair from anywhere on the body.  We must have the root on at least one of the hairs, that is the white or black bulb on the end of the hair.   Simply Cellotape the hairs in the space provided on the Integral Health Hair Test form and send it to us at: Integral Health, Suite 215, 14 Chertsey Road, Woking, GU21 5AH along with payment of £130 (retest £95) made out to 'Integral Health' or click Hair Test Payment for other methods of payment.  

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