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"The first week I started the regime the change was amazing. My energy returned, my skin glowed, the aches and pains and heat (inflammation) in my joints went away (almost all), the gastric reflux stopped. People commented on the change in me. I was amazed at how different and positive I felt. So thank you so much." Susie, Plymouth

"I can't speak highly enough of that man, he changed my life". Doreen, Worcester 


Functional Medicine

ImageCombining knowledge from the latest medical research and a thorough understanding of the biochemistry and function of the body. Some of the most remarkable advances in the last few years are those that have come out of the Human Genome Project, started some 20 years ago to make a study of the human genes, all 35,000 or so of them! The project, finally completed in 2000, has exposed some amazing revelations. Although the genes themselves cannot be changed (genotype), their expression may be manipulated by such things as nutrition, lifestyle, drugs, environment and so on to provide us with a different outcome (phenotype). 

This means that, should it be found that someone has a predisposition for cancer for example, it is possible to influence the outcome of the genes responsible so that the person does not go on to develop the condition. 

  This has to be one of the most exciting findings in the whole history of modern medicine, putting us in full charge of our own destinies! By using these findings, we are able to predict the outcome of each therapy/treatment/drug before it is administered, to ensure the best possible result for that individual.

Each year, some 20000 people die in hospital as a direct result of having been given the wrong drug. One of the major admissions into our accident and emergency wards apart from accidents is paracetamol overdose. And this is from nothing more than the dose recommended on the packet, not a suicide attempt, and is further proof of the inability of some individuals to detoxify certain drugs due to their unique genetic code.


Click here to download your Integral Health Hair Test form and attach three to four strands of your hair from anywhere on the body.  We must have the root on at least one of the hairs, that is the white or black bulb on the end of the hair.   Simply Cellotape the hairs in the space provided on the Integral Health Hair Test form and send it to us at: Integral Health, Suite 215, 14 Chertsey Road, Woking, GU21 5AH along with payment of £130(retest £95) made out to 'Integral Health' or click Hair Test Payment for other methods of payment. 

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