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"The first week I started the regime the change was amazing. My energy returned, my skin glowed, the aches and pains and heat (inflammation) in my joints went away (almost all), the gastric reflux stopped. People commented on the change in me. I was amazed at how different and positive I felt. So thank you so much." Susie, Plymouth

"I can't speak highly enough of that man, he changed my life". Doreen, Worcester 


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August 2007


In the last couple of months we have all seen the big headlines about the discovery of the genes for MS, the genes for diabetes, the genes for obesity, the genes for…….. and the excitement that pretty soon drugs will be formulated to cure us of all these ills.

We have also heard the news about how gene therapy was going to be used to cure disease, change our ‘bad’ genes or even help us to “grow” new tissue to replace that which is old, diseased or lost.

September 2007


 “By 2020 the effects of stress on the brain especially depression will be second only to cardiovascular disease as the biggest cause of illness and death in the Western World” World Health Organisation. 

October 2007


Blood tests, x-rays, MRI scan, CT scan, hair tests, saliva tests ……….., the list is endless and new tests come onto the market at a phenomenal rate; the latest as I write this is the new test for Alzheimer’s disease. But are these tests essential? What do they test? Can they deliver the right results? Will they do any harm? Is there a better alternative?

November 2007


Five years in the making and at a cost of £25 million, the findings of a group of scientists on cancer were published early this month amid a fanfare worthy of an Olympics finals result.The report places the eating of meat, the drinking of alcohol, obesity and the lack of exercise as absolute no-noes if we are to reduce our chances of contracting the dreaded disease and dying from it.

December 2007


Mr Allen Roses, vice chairman of GlaxoSmithKline, the largest pharmaceutical company in the UK and one of the largest in the world, was quoted as saying that 90% of drugs only work in 30-50% of people and that at present all pharmaceutical companies adopt a “one-drug-fits-all” policy.
He was quoting research published 3 years ago which found that different drugs had vastly different success rates in treating patients.

January 2008 


Can someone please tell me why we have a health service that no-one can access easily, long waiting lists to see a doctor, even longer waiting lists to see a specialist,  still longer waiting lists to get tests done and a lifetime’s wait for an operation? And what about the astronomical cost to the taxpayer just to run such an inefficient service?

February 2008 


It seems that Medicine’s decision makers, those who decide what is right and what is wrong, what is good therapy and what is not, what is science and what is quackery, what we should be spending our money on and how, have been at it in spades recently.

March 2008 


What would you say if I were to tell you that I had a foolproof formula that would guarantee to reduce fatal and non-fatal hear attack by a whopping 70%?
What if I also told you that this same formula would guarantee to reduce death from all causes by a phenomenal 30-40%?

April 2008 


We all know that medical science tells us everything we need to know about treatment and prevention for someone who does not exist: The Average Person. This is your typical 70 kilogram, 1m75 Caucasian male in his early thirties. If you don’t fit the picture then I am afraid you will just have to simply accept that, scientifically speaking, you are not normal.

May 2008


Well over 95% of the chemicals we need to make safe and then shift out of our body at any given moment in time through a process called detoxification, are made by cellular metabolism. These chemicals are the products of the activities of the various cells of the body such as lungs, heart, digestive tract, kidneys, brain and so on, going about their business of keeping us alive and fit to face our everyday existence and survival.

June 2008



In 2001, when the last major revision of lipid-lowering guidelines took place, the number of Americans for whom statins are recommended increased from 13 million to 36 million, most of whom do not yet have but are estimated to be at moderately elevated risk of developing coronary heart disease. For adults aged between 30 and 80 years old who already have occlusive vascular disease, statins confer a total and cardiovascular mortality benefit and are not controversial. The controversy involves this question:

Without evident occlusive vascular disease (true primary prevention), who should be offered statins?


August 2008


NICE, the National Institute of Clinical Excellence, the government agency charged with the remit of deciding which drugs make it on the list of medications paid for by the NHS, has come under fire once again for its decision not to include four drugs used in combination for the treatment of cancer of the kidney, whereas allowing a drug for the treatment of AMD or Age-related Macular Degeneration which is responsible for causing blindness in some people.

September 2008

Which?   Test for the Testers

Which?, the Consumers Association, the self-appointed, independent watchdog for consumer affairs ranging from the testing of appliances such as washing machines, cameras and fridges, to cars, legal advice and, more recently, health and supplements, published a report on testing tests for food allergy/intolerance.

Their method of testing the very tests which test for food allergy/intolerance however, leaves a lot to be desired and the results could in fact cause misery and much more for many. Some could even be placed in grave danger should they subsequently decide to follow a different approach to treating their problem.  

October 2008

Junk in our Genes  

Not only do genes make up our ‘Book of Life', the very manual by which we live our life, they also provide us with the means to change and modify the way our cells work to enable us to survive and thrive in a hostile world that is constantly changing.

Our world is in a continuous state of flux. From the ever-increasing use of pesticides, herbicides and preservatives in our food products, the pollution of our water supplies with chemicals and drugs, the detrimental changes in farming methods which result in depleting the soil of essential nutrients, the climatic changes, rising water levels, floods and droughts, to the increasing stress levels from economic turmoil and uncertainties about our future.

November 2008 

HIV, Cervical Cancer and Viruses  

Last week, the age-old custom of circumcision, practised by two major religions for thousand of years, has been hailed as a monumental breakthrough in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Studies have conclusively shown a 60% cut in the risk of acquiring the disease among heterosexual males.

August 2009

Altering Gene Expression. Is this the Model of the Future?

It is all very well carrying out exhaustive and complex research to isolate individual genes thought to be responsible for various diseases but, when it comes to manipulating these genes in order to effect a better outcome, this has been fraught with problems and has proved to be virtually impossible without serious side-effects.

September 2009

In Charge of Our Destiny

In a small departure from the norm for this month I am including a blog from someone I hold in the highest regard.

Lynne McTaggart - What Doctors Don't Tell You

DNA: it's not destiny
When we become ill, most of us lay the blame at the feet of our ancestors: my heart problem is like dad’s, who had a dicky ticker; I’m likely to get breast cancer because it’s what my grandmother died of. We look upon ourselves in a sense as victims—victims of our genetic history.

September 2010 

Bringing Medicine into the 21st Century and Beyond

We all accept that without genes there would be no life on our planet. Centuries ago Mendel discovered how heredity works but it was not until 1953 that Watson and Crick showed the structure of DNA as being a double helix. This was a profound discovery and it clearly showed that genes are able to replicate and copy themselves and that they are responsible for far more than simple heredity.

October 2010

NHS Plc – The Only Way Forward

Have you ever considered why the NHS, this colossus of a business which is the second biggest employer in the world, was doomed to failure from the outset and why it will continue to fail unless we recognise the core problem and act to rectify it?

November 2010

Every Child Can Develop the Ultimate Brain

They have the genes; we have the know-how. Now all we need is the common sense to put the two together.

December 2010

When I Get Old and Start Losing my Mind

We are all aware of the decline in mental acuity during the senior years. In fact the steep rise in Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, lack of motivation (apathy), lethargy, depression, anxiety…. simply goes on unabated and we seem helpless to stem the tide.

January 2011

GP Funding – Change the Deck Don’t Reshuffle the Pack

Startling revelation

A financier friend of mine hit me with a startling statistic last week:

The health budget will account for 2/3 of the total National Budget within 10 years.

I am not much for statistics but he assured me that this is unsustainable and will break the UK economy regardless of what we do elsewhere as problems with banks, inflation and taxation will simply become irrelevant. Obama tried to tackle the problem in the US but failed because he was not strong enough.

February 2011

Is Criminality Hard-Wired in our Genes?

We hardly need reminding of the law and order problems facing us on a daily if not an hourly basis: stabbings, gun crime, gangs, truancy, classroom unrest, attacks on the person, robberies, general violence ….. All this with a background of police under pressure of reduced numbers and revenue, courts with horrendous backlogs, prisons overflowing, teachers under constant threat from pupils, social services close to meltdown ….

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