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"The first week I started the regime the change was amazing. My energy returned, my skin glowed, the aches and pains and heat (inflammation) in my joints went away (almost all), the gastric reflux stopped. People commented on the change in me. I was amazed at how different and positive I felt. So thank you so much." Susie, Plymouth

"I can't speak highly enough of that man, he changed my life". Doreen, Worcester 


Nutritional Information 

From the two original cells which fuse together at conception, to the multimillion cell baby a few weeks later, is due solely to food. Not all the 50 or so essential elements we need from our diet such as vitamins, minerals, oils and amino acids (proteins), can be found in our present day foods which makes the taking of supplements necessary. Unfortunately, only about 2% of the hundreds of different brands of supplements are beneficial, making choice extremely difficult. Supplements may also be used to treat a variety of conditions which arise from insufficiencies as vitamins and minerals work as factors which drive enzyme systems. If there are not enough of these factors to go round and supply all the enzymes in the body, then a compromise has to be made leaving some non-essential enzymes out which could result in the signs and symptoms of disease.

All the latest research is providing evidence that food "talks" to our genes. This helps us understand the old saying that 'one person's meat is another's poison'. 

We are all given to believe that a diet of fruit, vegetables, grains and white meat is essential for a balanced diet. Yet we seem to forget that some of us cannot tolerate some of the very foods we are advised are "best". In some individuals, some foods such as milk and wheat, present a big challenge to the immune system causing a host of inflammatory reactions leading to conditions which reduce or alter function such as arthritis, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and so on. There cannot be a universal diet. There can only be an individual diet based on our unique requirements and tolerances.

Click here to download your Integral Health Hair Test form and attach three to four strands of your hair from anywhere on the body.  We must have the root on at least one of the hairs, that is the white or black bulb on the end of the hair.   Simply Cellotape the hairs in the space provided on the Integral Health Hair Test form and send it to us at: Integral Health, 1st Floor, 22 Harley Street, London, W1G 9PL along with payment of £125 (retest £90) made out to 'Integral Health' or click Hair Test Payment for other methods of payment. 
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