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"The first week I started the regime the change was amazing. My energy returned, my skin glowed, the aches and pains and heat (inflammation) in my joints went away (almost all), the gastric reflux stopped. People commented on the change in me. I was amazed at how different and positive I felt. So thank you so much." Susie, Plymouth

"I can't speak highly enough of that man, he changed my life". Doreen, Worcester 



During the course of any infection, our immune system, through the white blood cells, processes the information about the pathogen or intruder and "learns" how to deal with it more effectively in the future. This is called naturally built immunity and it is one of the best ways of staying healthy and free of disease during our lifetime.

Vaccinations came about when it was thought that by giving a child a mild dose of either the live or inactive pathogen, in most cases a virus, the immune system would interpret this as a mild infection and would store the information until later when a real infection with that virus would not lead to a full blown reaction.

Whereas there is no doubt that vaccinations work very well in theory, in practice they are fraught with problems. The natural route of exposure to viruses, bacteria, fungus and parasites which imparts maximum immunity is the mouth or nose eventually leading to the throat. The immune system is well represented in the throat by the presence of the tonsils and adenoids. Lining the wall of the small intestine is a vast collection of lymph tissue whose job it is to protect against all infections. It is for this very reason of protecting the route of entry or organisms into the body that we have the largest portion of our immune system, over 50%, housed in our digestive tract.

As the majority of vaccinations (polio vaccines are different) are by injection through the skin, the very place where immunity is best learnt, is completely bypassed! Furthermore vaccines, by their very nature are solutions that need to be kept with a preservative and, historically, the preservative used in vaccinations has been thimerosal, a solution of mercury. Mercury is one of the most potent poisons known to Man with a wide ranging list of symptoms especially of the brain and nervous system since it is mainly stored in fat tissue and the brain is over 60% fat!

There are other preservatives used in vaccinations, all of which are also stored in fat and with similar potential problems.
Scientists are now coming round to accepting that the increased virulence of childhood infections of recent years, as well as the increase in the aggressiveness of the viruses when contracted by adults, could be due to mutations from the very use of vaccinations.           

An Integral Health DNA Hair Test not only can identify the epigenetic factors which possibly give rise to cause/causes of an imbalance in the body and the potential for signs and symptoms of disease; it is also able to highlight the nutrient and lifestyle recommendations specific for each unique individual, helping to ensure they are able to achieve optimum health - naturally.

Click here to download your Integral Health Hair Test form and attach three to four strands of your hair from anywhere on the body.  We must have the root on at least one of the hairs, that is the white or black bulb on the end of the hair.   Simply Cellotape the hairs in the space provided on the Integral Health Hair Test form and send it to us at: Integral Health, Suite 215, 14 Chertsey Road, Woking, GU21 5AH along with payment of £130 (retest £95) made out to 'Integral Health' or click Hair Test Payment for other methods of payment.  

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