In these very troubled times we all want protection against the Covid-19  virus.

Below are my recommendations to support you and make certain you have strong immunity to protect you from the  virus .

In addition to the advice from your health professionals, the best measures to take are:

'Sam's Immune Pack'

Sodium ascorbate vitamin C

Sodium ascorbate; 3 capsules once a day with breakfast

Smart vitamin D3/K2 oil

15 drops ion a spoon first thing 10 minutes away from food/drink including water

Reduce to 10 drops if spending more than 15 minutes in the sun every day.

Zinc SA30  1 capsule with breakfast

If you have any symptoms, no matter how vague, you should add Selenium phosphate

2 capsules with breakfast  

Sam's Immune Pack can be obtained from:

Epigenetics 01380 800105

  Keep well and stay safe.  

Sam Shohet

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