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 Sam Shohet has a way of treating patients that is as unique as their own genetic make-up.   Having recognised the individuality of each person, Sam has taken the cutting edge of conventional nutritional research and combined it with a range of diagnostics from Eastern medicine in a remarkable and unique way.   The outcome is a blueprint for healthy living and brings genuine hope to those blighted by "untreatable" problems.

Sam Shohet’s background lies in oral surgery, having started his career as a reconstructive dental surgeon - retired from Dentistry in 1992.

He was one of the very few dental practitioners in the UK to become a member of General Dental Surgery of the prestigious Royal College of Surgeons of England.   He furthered his conventional training spending four years in anaesthetics, two years in hospital theatre dealing with road accident victims who had suffered head and neck injuries and seven years in Germany running a large practice.

With his hands-on clinical experience and medical education, Sam was given an insight into where conventional medicine fails and so was born his desire to find a better and safer way to treat patients – a way that addressed the underlying cause of their problems, rather than solely treating the symptoms.

He returned to England at a time when his mother-in-law was going through the last stages of terminal cancer.   Despite all her medication, he witnessed her distress at the frequent agonising pain and vowed that somehow he would find a way to prevent such suffering.

To this end he retrained in Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Applied Kinesiology, Bio-Magnetics and Functional Medicine.   Combined with over 40 years clinical practice and an in-depth knowledge of body biochemistry, Sam has reached a point in his career where he can address each and every patient according to their specific and unique needs.   In his own words:

“No two people are the same.   They may come to me with what is essentially the same problem, but each will need to be treated in a very different way.”

Today Sam runs the Integral Health alternative health practice in London’s Harley Street.   Here he sees a wide range of patients suffering from problems as diverse as eczema and asthma, through to terminal illnesses including cancer and coronary heart disease.   He has also revolutionised his DNA hair test, which has been used in the clinic for well over 20 years. This test provides the care and treatment for those patients unable to travel to Harley Street.   They can be treated in the comfort of their own homes just by posting their hair to Integral Health.  This service is a unique provision to reach all corners of the UK and beyond to help those who have no other means of experiencing natural, accurate and powerful complementary tailor-made treatment.   The Hair Test can now reach a far wider audience.


Today guesswork is so often the outcome of a diagnosis, which is then followed by treatment on a generalised, trial and error basis.   Our hospital wards are full of people who end up there as a result of this futile philosophy, putting enormous strains on a system that should be delivering the very best that medicine has to offer.  

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