Integral health - Alternative, complementary, natural health

Integral Health is the Harley Street practice of Sam Shohet. Here he sees many patients with varied cases and conditions and helps them to assess their epigenetic profile and the very basis of their persistent and unresolved health problems.

If you are experiencing a ‘symptom’ then something, somewhere in the body is going wrong. Whether it's a virus, bacteria, fungus or a parasite, heavy metal poisoning from fillings or pots and pans, chemicals in pesticides, soaps and detergents or even drinking water and the very air we breathe, even radiation from mobile phones and masts and WiFi, we can determine the cause and help you deal with it.

 Our health care methods have developed into a holistic, natural treatment, advice and after-care programme.

Optimum health is so fundamental an issue, you could say it is everyone’s first and foremost criteria and it's essential that you get the best treatment available with no side effects or compromises.

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