Integral Health has over 3000 patients referred from all over the world – Here are just a few of their comments:

“Now I have a new lease of life..........it is amazing...try it, what have you to lose?”  Julie, Harrow, Middx

“Sam always has time for you...he seems to understand what your body is doing, what it is saying....”   Michael, Sth Norwood, London

“I had no hope, my GP was getting nowhere.  Dr Sam turned me around”.    Gordon, Camden, London

“It was a very interesting session, I am amazed at what he found and what he had to say...”   Marjorie, Glasgow

“He is great on the phone...always understanding and often has a practical answer for me”.  Adrian, Woking, Surrey

“He brings a blend of natural/holistic therapies which come without the problems associated with many conventional treatments”.   James, South Kensington, London

“No one has been able to help me in the past.   I am now doing pilates, daily walks and activities which were impossible for me to do before.   All my friends and family tell me that I am a ‘changed’ woman.   Dr Sam and his team are ‘the angels from heaven’.   Gail, Leeds

“I am so happy, everyone comments on the amount of energy I now have.    Before my treatment I could not move, crying, weepy, very depressed and low.   That was how I felt, but now I walk every day for 30 minutes, I feel cheerful and optimistic for the first time in years.   My mother told me that last Christmas she thought she was going to lose me.   Now she has her daughter back.   Thank you so much”.     Carole, Hammersmith, London

“I am free for the first time in ten years.   My gout has disappeared and I am free from pain”.   Martin, Blackpool

“My rash has disappeared for the first time in fifteen years and I am over the moon.   I can now wear shorts at the gym, on the beach and swimming pool without feeling ‘different’.   I am truly astonished; in fact I keep looking at my leg expecting to see the rash.   When I don’t see it I’m thinking ‘where has it gone’.  Can’t believe it”.   Keith, Grimsby, Lancs

“I felt so absolutely fantastic both during and after completing the treatment, I feel full of energy.   I go to Pilates classes twice a week and everyone tells me how good I look.  They keep asking me ‘What are you doing, what are you eating to look so good?’   Diane, London SW1
The Integral Health Hair Test was a present to her from her son.

“My migraines have totally disappeared, IBS symptoms have ceased, lumps have disappeared.   I am totally symptom free.”   Jessica, London NW

“I brought my baby girl 11 days old to see Dr Sam.   She was crying, listless, with swollen stomach, vomiting after feeds, red in the face and bringing her knees up in obvious pain.   She was hospitalized but nothing was found and an operation was suggested as they thought there was a blockage.   During the first two weeks with Dr Sam’s treatment her symptoms have gone.   She is thriving and I am delighted, so delighted that I wanted the whole ward of babies waiting for blockage operations to see Sam!”  Katrina, Hampstead, London

“I just had to telephone Dr Sam to tell him that my migraines and nausea have all cleared.   I don’t have any aches or pains in my joints or back, I feel younger, I look younger.   Dr Sam keeps me going.   It is the best M.O.T I have ever had!”   Anita, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

“I usually have a hair test twice a year as a maintenance to keep in good health, although I have actually seen Dr Sam too.  I must say that I feel a changed person.   Before I was shy, not confident and my eczema held me back socially.   Now I can go anywhere, do anything without the fear of looking different from other young men of my age”.    Rahul,  London SW

“I am heartburn, indigestion and pain free for the first time in a long while.   My situation is great, in fact I am overjoyed to be able to carry on my life normally because I had been looking for so long to find someone to help me.”   Simon, Westcliffe-on-Sea, Essex

“My little son of 4 yrs is better than he has ever been, a normal, lovely child.   Tests have shown him to be completely ok.   No more bleeding, no more bed-wetting.   Now on immune boosting formula from Dr. Sam”.   Angela, Englefield Green, Surrey.

“I am able to concentrate on my work without worrying about my health.   I am able to manage all my stress levels and have been very happy with my treatment all along.   I have been a patient with Dr. Sam and Integral Health for over 6 years.”   Suzie, Andover, Wiltshire

“All my problems have disappeared; I have no more pain and would never see anyone but Sam regarding my health”.   Russell, London SE

“I just had to phone to tell you how great I am feeling, it’s wonderful”   Angela, Blackheath, London

“How do you do it with just a hair test.   I am astounded.   I feel great.   My wife and her sister-in-law are both now sending in their hair for the test.   They want some of what I am having!”
John, Knaphill, Surrey

“I heard Dr Sam on the radio and I thought to myself ‘what a lot of sense this man is making’.   I had never heard anyone talk like that before, it was all so logical.   So I actually phoned in to the programme and what he told me about my health problem was amazing”.  Beryl, Nottingham

“Before I couldn’t get around very much, my legs would not move very well.    Now I am walking unaided, and I feel happy for the first time in years.   Thank you Dr. Sam”.    Bill, Worthing, Sussex

“I rely on Dr Sam a lot.   He has helped me without the use of drugs and chemicals.   Everything he has done for me has worked and it works immediately.  I am very good with my foods and always stick 100% to what he tells me to eat.   My life just would not be the same without his care.”    Michael, Bromley, London

“My children love him.   They call him ‘Uncle Sam’.   Maureen, Stockport, Lancs

“I don’t do anything now without asking Dr Sam.   He changed my life”   Maria, Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey

“I was worried about a lump I had and I found the Integral Health Hair Test when I was looking on the internet.   I sent in my hair and started the treatment and it was during the course of the treatment that I noticed the lump starting to disappear.   It has totally gone and my Doctor is amazed as well as speechless”.   Christopher, Hackney 

“I felt so much better after I discussed my diet with you.   I did what you said and I feel great”. Joan, Clapham 

“This is the most important conversation I have had in the last eleven years.   Thank you so much.”   Debbie, Reading, Berks

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